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I have been piping for 25 years . As a professional player I need a reed that is responsive, easy to blow, full of tone and bang on in tune, this believe you me is hard to find. I have been lucky to have known Patrick for a good part of my piping life and he makes me reeds like this. The after care is also very welcome. When he does any work for me he contacts me a few days later to ensure everything is working. He never lets me leave until I am fully satisfied with a reed. He cares so much about the standard of his work that he will and has put himself out consistently over the years to ensure that everything is 100%. Patricks is now making pipes, these operate at the same high standard as his reeds, anybody who is in a position to buy one of his chanters is guaranteed a hassle free and very in tune piping life. Basically, Patrick has made piping better and raised the standard


- Cormac “ Buzz “ O’ Brian

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